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Mr. Genuine Public Servantkuyakris-aquino            korina-sanchez

Mr. Ricardo F. Lo of the Philippine Star, wrote in his column that, an interesting and unique idea for the 2010 elections was broached to Funfare by a retired professor in political science who said that a “showbiz senate” must end and outstanding media practitioners must take over to help bring back the glory of the “old Senate.”

Among the nominees that he mentioned, I am very much agreeable to the following, in the order of priority:

No. 1. Mr. Daniel Razon – because the greatest qualification a candidate should have is that he must be God-fearing not only in words, but in deeds. Mr. Razon who has gained the monicker as Mr. Public Service, possess all the qualities of a perfect public servant in the true sense of the word. He is even more fitting for the Presidential slate rather than just in the Senate.

No. 2. Kris Aquino – the good traits of her hero parents runs in her blood. Thus, there is a possiblity that one day it will be awakened and give her the courage to serve the Filipino people in the ways her parents did.

No. 3. Korina Sanchez – she is intelligent and an organized lady, far better than some of those who are now sitting in the Senate.


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