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Mr. Ricardo F. Lo of the Philippine Star, wrote in his column that, an interesting and unique idea for the 2010 elections was broached to Funfare by a retired professor in political science who said that a “showbiz senate” must end and outstanding media practitioners must take over to help bring back the glory of the “old Senate.”

Among the nominees that he mentioned, I am very much agreeable to the following, in the order of priority:

No. 1. Mr. Daniel Razon – because the greatest qualification a candidate should have is that he must be God-fearing not only in words, but in deeds. Mr. Razon who has gained the monicker as Mr. Public Service, possess all the qualities of a perfect public servant in the true sense of the word. He is even more fitting for the Presidential slate rather than just in the Senate.

No. 2. Kris Aquino – the good traits of her hero parents runs in her blood. Thus, there is a possiblity that one day it will be awakened and give her the courage to serve the Filipino people in the ways her parents did.

No. 3. Korina Sanchez – she is intelligent and an organized lady, far better than some of those who are now sitting in the Senate.


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CEMANES '06 PHOTOI really find it so much amazing reminiscing my past voyages on this beautiful place, somewhere in Palawan Islands, Philippines. As I was looking back through the pictures I gathered in my past travels, I could not contain the feelings while backtracking the exciting experience I gained from it, that I have to post said photo which I took it by myself, so I could share my joy with you dear readers just by the mere seeing of it.

Though it was already way back 2006, I could not forget the laughter, the games and entertainment offered to us by our friends there, being the guest of a very important official of an establishment. It made us feel terrific and somewhat significant. Thanks God for the skills He has given me for it gave me the chance to be part of a group that has a challenging though somewhat delicate and dangerous job.

These places are really worth looking at.

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